First Stop: The Wickery Bridge

After the longest drive of my life, and many wrong turns thanks to Google Maps and Siri, we (my mother and I) finally arrived in Conyers, GA. Once we found the hotel we were staying in (a very nice Courtyard Marriott), we decided to go find the things we wanted to see. We set down our things, and hit the road, again. After a brief drive down some country roads, we crossed the Wickery Bridge, which is actually called Flat Bridge to the locals. My original intention was to take a picture of me laying in the middle of the road just like the vampires of Mystic Falls, however, this road was extremely busy. I was lucky to get a few pictures, where there was a break in the traffic, but cars were flying around the curve at 90 miles an hour, and I wasn't going to take a chance at being roadkill. 

We found a small area in the woods to park the car in, so we could get out and get some good shots. We got some great views of the full bridge but we wanted some shots from on the bridge. To be out of the flow of traffic, my mother and I both climbed along the narrow sidewall of the bridge to make it to the other side. Meanwhile, I am making jokes about how people are always driving off the bridge and that I hope we aren’t in their way. 

We got some amazing shots, and it was really cool to be able to stand where “Elena (and many others) died”.

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