Olde Town Conyers (Day 1)

After going to the Wickery Bridge, we decided it was time to go to Olde Town Conyers, where they film some of The Originals. We had arrived in Conyers on a Sunday, so when we got to Olde Town Conyers, nothing was open, which made for good picture taking opportunities, but we could not go in any of the shops. We pulled in and parked on one of the side streets and the first thing that I laid my eyes on was the Jardin Gris Voodoo Shop.

It was incredible to be able to stand right in front of where they film so many things. The Jardin Gris is not an actual store, I guess they just rent it out for filming.

After walking around and looking at all the cool stores (which we couldn’t go inside), we saw a filming notice on the window of one of the shops. It said that they would be filming for The Originals the day after we left, and setting up the day we leave. My mom and I were pretty bummed that we wouldn’t get to see any filming, but we did keep walking around to see what else we could find.

Most of the shops had balconies with ornate wire railings, that made everything look like Bourbon street.

They use different street names for when they shoot The Originals, but these were not real either, they just looked cool, like something right out of New Orleans.

This building looked a lot like it could have been Rousseau's but I was never quite sure.

They also had some cool little Voodoo shops, not associated with the show, that had all kinds of different things.

This is my favorite image from that whole trip to Olde Town Conyers because it shows you the full view of the street and it really felt like I was standing in a scene in The Originals

I have a bunch more pictures to share with you, but we just walked all over the place taking pictures in Olde Town because it is just a neat little place. We went to all the places that they said the would be filming, and I recognized a few, see if you can too.

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