Trip to Mystic Falls

Of all the trips I have taken, this was by far the most fun. After a 6 to 7 hour drive there, we only stayed for two nights, but it was definitely worth it. Even with only three days, two nights worth of a trip to talk about, I want to be able to get every detail right, so I have decided to split my Mystic Falls Trip blog post into multiple blog posts, each about a different thing that I did or saw. Therefore, I can talk about everything, as much as I want and you can read only the stuff you want to read. Don’t care about The Originals? Skip over that post. 

I will be discussing everything from locations, to food, to even seeing them set up to shoot a scene. I also have everything documented in pictures that I took, so there will be lots to see. I hope you are as excited to read as I am to share!



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