The Vampire Stalkers Tour

After a night of delicious Mellow Mushroom pizza, and a morning full of Starbucks and Panera scones, my mom and I headed to Covington, GA.

Once my mother and I arrived in Covington, we pulled into the visitors center, where we signed in for our Vampire Stalkers tour. We chose the follow-in-car option, which meant that we could just follow the rest of the group in our own vehicle. Once everyone showed up, we were on our way.

We parked in the town square, and got out to go to our first location. The guides were very informative, and they knew their stuff. They could tell you exactly which episodes were filmed in each location, what happened in the scene, and how they filmed it. We got to see some of the stars that are located on the sidewalk, dedicated to Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder.

Later in the tour we got to go visit the homes that they film at:

Gram’s House

Isobel’s House

Bonnie’s House

And of course, the lovely Lockwood Mansion which we got to go inside the gate to see

We also got to see the spot of the season 6 Delena rain kiss. Imagine rain and some twinkly lights.

After the tour, we were starving. The Vampire Stalkers tour guides suggested that we went to Bradley’s BBQ, and to get our sandwich “vamped”, and so we did:

Soooo cute!!!!

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