The Originals Recap & Review - Beautiful Mistake

*Spoiler Alert*
Do not read this if you have not seen Season 3 Episode 6 of The Originals.

In a forty-two minutes and seven second episode, the Fake Mikaelsons are pitted against the Real Mikaelsons, and unsurprisingly people are murdered, threatened, and kissed throughout it's entirety.

The show opens quietly, with sleeping beauty spouting riddles about the days events, which transitions into a flash backward 24 hours (time-travelling seems to be the TVD and Originals writers' favorite pastimes).

Rebecca is back, and she seems to be the only one who hasn't forgotten about Kol but me. Davina, who never appears in this episode, needs to step up her game. Freya does some witchy-woo to go chill with Rebecca in Morroco, and honestly if I had Klaus and Elijah for brother's I would need a break too.


Freya goes back to New Orleans, leaving Rebecca's witch body to be murdered by Aya and one of her Strix henchmen (I am curious to know what the story is behind her and Elijah). Hello Rebecca, goodbye Rebecca...

"I forgot to tell Freya the secret ingredient!"

Back in New Orleans, Freya finds her two favorite brothers, covered in blood, and having a drink. While she doesn't find them very amusing, apparently their fight has lightened their spirits. Cami is escorted to the police station after being accused of murder, and Lucien comes to save the day, but not really. He actually just kidnaps her. The next morning Hayley is being trailed by a very chiseled Asian man. Maybe if she actually practiced fighting in the gym instead of flirting etc, this situation might have gone differently.

"This is not how my fights normally go..."

Freya suspects somethings up with the sire lines working together and Elijah decides to open the red door. He basically made Tristan, Lucien, and Aurora into Mini-Mikaelsons as bait for his father.


Back at Lucien's awesome penthouse detective Kinney is making food for Lucien and Camille's dinner date. Just kidding, Lucien actually compelled Kinney to make him some Cajun cuisine while he forces Camille to find some medallion for him. When Cami can't seem to find it, he kind asks Will to cut one of his major arteries. Freya and Elijah figure out that Rebecca's witch body is out of the picture, and over in Morroco Rebecca wakes up in her real body. Meanwhile, Aurora and Klaus exchange love stories, blah, blah, blah. Klaroline all the way... Somehow Hayley managed to win the fight against a 800-year old vampire, who was a henchman for Genghis Khan. Not really sure how she managed that one...

"Of course I won Marcel... I practice my fighting skills all the time..."

Rebecca and Aya are battling it out in Morocco when Freaked-out-Freya decides to save the day. 

"Marcel is MINE!!"

Back at "Mr. Transylvania's" house, Will is losing blood fast, and Cami, being the nice, caring person she is decides to seriously search for the medallion. Aurora and Klaus are talking a stroll through the graveyard talking about their intentions when Aurora throws what I think is a doughnut on the ground. Um, in the modern world, that's called littering...

"My intentions are to throw doughnuts on graves."

Crazy Kung-Fu Master has just awoken and is threatening Hayley, who is clearly not scared. According to Elijah, she should be... Not heeding Elijah's warning, the guy breaks free and is about to rip out both Hayley and Marcel's hearts. Elijah gets there just in time. Turns out, the Strix need Davina to help them wield a weapon of Mikaelson destruction.


Everything goes downhill from here. Cami ends up handing over the medallion to save Will's life, Rebecca is stabbed with a magic stake and "dies", and the spell to bring Kol back to life burns up.

"Marcel is mine."

At this point there is only 5 minutes of the show left, and in that time Will is compelled to forget everything and live a horrible life, Rebecca is still dead, and now in Aurora's hands, which I am not too sure is any better than in the hands of the Strix.

A lesson to leave with (In Lucien's mind): When it comes to vampires, humans always lose.

All of these screen caps were taken by me. If you have any questions regarding use of them feel free to visit the policies page.

Missed last weeks Recap & Review? Me too! It's been awhile, thanks for holding out!



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