American Horror Story: Roanoke Season Review

 Was 'American Horror Story: Roanoke'

An Actual Nightmare?

After months of anxious speculation, the sixth installment of American Horror Story has come and gone. To be honest, it wasn't worth the hype. Besides connections to previous seasons and Taissa Farmiga's short, sweet return, there was not much that I actually liked. 

Strike One: It was divergent.
While unique, this season missed the mark big time, and it was partly due to that fact that it was a far cry from what we have seen before. No opening credits, no theme song, and not enough Evan Peters. Shot documentary style, this risky format was a flop for me. It was hard to keep up with, especially when they started the new show midway through and flipped half of the cast to "new" characters. 

Strike Two: It just wasn't scary.
Lights off, home alone, season six, no problem. There are a lot of words to describe this season, and scary isn't one of them. There was a ton of action and gore, but nothing that made me feel sick or want to hide under the covers. I held my expectations high after seeing all of the super creepy teaser trailers. The only thing that lived up to those expectations was the scene where it was raining teeth.

Strike Three: You're out.
Only ten episodes!? This season passed before I could say "Croatoan." Honestly, as boring as it was, it was way too short and felt rushed at the end. It seemed like 3/4 of the cast was killed off in the last few episodes. They could have done so much more, throughout the entire season, not just the ending. 

Overall, Season 6 wasn't a total washout. There were many connections to previous seasons, my favorite thing that American Horror Story does. Does the last name of Mott sound familiar? It should. Both Dandy Mott, of Freakshow, and Edward Mott, of Roanoke, share that similarity. There were also connections to Coven, as well as Asylum.

*On a side note, did Lee not notice that Lana Winters looks EXACTLY like Audrey Tindall? *

Ryan Murphy and his team did a good job with the finale, the ending was satisfying and didn't leave me with a bad taste in my mouth. Everything was tied up smoothly and I think that Lee's sacrifice was a good ending to the story. Although Roanoke is my least favorite chapter so far, rumors have been flying, and I have high hopes for redemption in season 7. 

Let me know what you thought of this season, if you loved it, hated it, let's talk! And don't forget to tune in when American Horror Story Season 7 returns in 2017. 



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