Dorothy Must Die Book Review

Title: Dorothy Must Die
Author: Danielle Paige
I listened to most of this book as an audio book, and the rest I read as a nook book.

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Everyone thinks they know the story of the Wizard of Oz. You've read the books, seen the movies. But was Dorothy really the heroine of the story? Read the title. You tell me.

This book is about a girl from Kansas. Not the girl with the cute little dog, the checkered dress, and the sparkly shoes, but the girl with the pet rat, the tattered hoodie, and the pink hair. They call her "Salvation Amy". This is the story of a girl who is on a mission to kill Oz's not so beloved princess, who we all know as Dorothy Gale.

Amy Gumm, the protagonist of the story, is a very relatable character. I may not live in Dusty Acres with a boozed up mom and a pet rat, but I know people in similar conditions. I liked that she was just a normal girl, there was nothing special about her. Amy was definitely my favorite character. Listening to the story on audio book was a great experience because the reader made all the voices sound just how I had imagined.

Everything you thought you knew about Oz has changed. This story twists everything, including the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion. Glinda is now the not-so-good witch and the wicked seem to be good.

*Spoilers from Here Down*

I was a little upset about the ending just because it ended so abruptly. I read this book at a time when the sequel was out so I will not have to wait long to read what happens next. I wish they had at least finished the night even if Dorothy still wasn't dead yet. The book just ended in the middle of the action.

The book kind of dragged on when Amy was training with the witches, I wish that part could have been a little more accelerated. I also would have liked to see some more Amy-Nox interaction (Yes, I ship it).

*Spoilers from Here Up*

Danielle Paige's writing contains amazing vocabulary, and good, realistic dialogue. I would give this book a 7/10, and I will definitely be picking up the sequel!

This story is gory twist to the classic "good vs. evil", and everything that happens is unexpected. Forget everything you know about the classic tale and grab this book to learn what really happened after Dorothy arrived.



  1. It's a shame about the abrupt ending! I do want to read this one though, and it sounds like it would be an interesting retelling to read and I'll add it to my TBR!

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