2015 Summer Book Haul!

School is back in session and to wrap up the end of summer, I decided to do a book haul of all the books I collected from June to August! I only bought/received a total of 10 book because sadly, I have not had very much time to read lately. I am aware that usually people do book hauls on YouTube, however I am about to show you the best book haul you have ever read. 

The most recent book I have acquired is Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews. I saw the previews for the movie adaptations and knew that I had to see it. I had no idea that this was a book until my friend gave it to me a a birthday present. It is definitely high on my TBR list. 

As you are probably aware, I am a HUGE Pretty Little Liars Fan, so the next two books on my list are Unbelievable and Wicked, the 4th and 5th books in the Pretty Little Liars Series. I have only read the first and second book, but I saw these in a section at my library where you can purchase used books and they came out to be only $3 so I had to have them.

On a similar note, I got the first in another Sara Shepard series, The Lying Game. It looks very similar to Pretty Little Liars (it has a television show as well), and I am excited to read it. I also bought this book for a great price. It was $3, brand new, hardcover, at a book store near my house.

At the beginning of summer I was able to pick up a huge haul of books at my library including: Warm Bodies by Issac Marion, Vampire Diaries: Fury and Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith, Vampire Diaries: The Awakening and The Struggle by L. J. Smith, Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer, and Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, all for $9! I was also able to pick up Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Volume 3 - Destiny Rising, at a book store while I was on a vacation for $3. 

I picked up Warm Bodies because I loved the movie. I got the chance to read it and it was definitely worth the 50 cents I paid for it.  The three Vampire Diaries books I picked up this summer are the only, books I have of that series. Just like Pretty Little Liars I am a HUGE fan of TVD, but I have never read the books. Well, now I can.  Can you tell I like vampires? I already read the Twilight series a while ago, however I never owned the books. I picked up Eclipse and Breaking Dawn hardcovers to complete my collection!

Lastly, I downloaded the audio book and Nook book version of Dorothy Must Die, by Danielle Paige, which I read, loved, and did a review on.

It has been a wonderful summer and the only regret I have about these purchases is not having time to read them all yet. I love buying books at a great price, used or new! If you have read any of the books I haven't got around to please let me know what you think, or if you have any suggestions on good places for bargain books let me know!



  1. Only ten books? That is still quite a few in my opinion, and I hope you will be able to find some more time for reading and enjoy all of these gems. I really want to read The Lying Game because it sounds so interesting with deception in it. I also want to try Warm Bodies because I've heard amazing things about it - likewise for the Vampire Diaries. Oh, and I just love Twilight <3

    1. I definitely recommend Warm Bodies. I was very humorous and romantic, with zombies, of course. I also love Twilight. I think it will be one of my favorite series for a long time. :)