Shenanigans in Monroe

After a delicious lunch, my mom and I decided that there were a couple spots that we didn’t get to see on the tour that we could go find ourselves. We knew we definitely wanted to see Elena and Caroline's house, and it turns out the houses are right next to each other.



We also decided that we wanted to see the Monroe Area High School because it had the “Home of the Timberwolves” sign on the football field. After a 30 minute drive, we arrived at the high school, no Timberwolves sign in sight. We drove around the high school multiple times trying to find the sign with no luck. Eventually we figured out the “old” football field was actually in a different location. We drove some more and finally found it, and the pictures ended up being totally worth the effort.

We then drove back and made up for all the effort with some delicious cappuccino ice cream from Scoops, which was super refreshing in the 100 degree Georgia heat.

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