When The Moon Rises in Mystic Falls

After our Sippin' and Nibblin' at the Twelve Oaks it was time for dinner. My mom and I cleaned ourselves up after a day in the Georgia heat and headed over to the one and only Mystic Grill.

Although the outside looks identical to the Vampire Diaries’ Mystic Grill, the inside is not so similar. The owners did a good job trying to make it look as close as possible. First of all, they kept the logo.

They also had plaque’s dedicated to the characters, I like Alaric’s chair in the bar the best. (The lighting in there was not that good for picture taking)

At the restaurant I had a ceasar salad and my mom got the shrimp and grits. My ceasar salad was delicious. I added some chicken, which made it taste even better. The dressing had sort of a lemony taste, and there were sun dried tomatoes in the salad. The croutons were also made of cornbread. My mom loved her shrimp and grits. We were planning on ordering the salted caramel cheesecake, which we saw on the online menu and were really looking forward to having, but they didn’t have it so we ended up skipping dessert. After dinner we decided to head up to the roof to see the town while the sun was setting.

We decided to walk to the Covington graveyard and see the places they filmed there but their was a water main break so we could get in. We just walked back into the square to take more nighttime shots.

Back at the hotel we were exhausted after a long day of fun, but sad that the trip was coming to a close.

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