Olde Town Conyers (Day 2)

On our departure day, we decided to head back to Olde Town Conyers on the way home because we knew they were setting up for filming. Sure enough they had already started setting up, and the door to the Jardin Gris was OPEN. I wasn't able to get a picture but I looked inside and it looked just like this:

So, I am guessing that they actually do film inside.

They were hanging signs everywhere and setting up tables with fake ketchup and mustard bottles.

Remember this picture from Olde Town Conyers (Day 1)?

Well, here it is on day two-

Is it just me or were those lamp poles not there before?

They had all of their spread out and ready to go for season 3 episode 3, so be on the lookout!

Sadly, this is the last post on the adventure to Mystic Falls, but if you want to read more about this trip click here



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