Vampire Diaries Recap & Review - Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand

*Spoiler Alert*
Do not read this if you have not seen Season 7 Episode 1 of The Vampire Diaries.

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Was it worth the wait? Elena's gone, the town is filled with heretics, season one vibes are off the chart, and there is a double timeline going on... So yes, it was totally worth the wait.

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The show opens with a bang, it's three years later and someone is after Stefan and Damon (no surprise). Stefan runs to a casket containing Damon's desiccated body and wakes him up. We don't get anymore insight on what the heck is going on until the very end of the episode.

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Remember back in season 1 when the characters actually wrote in their diaries? Well, season seven has resurrected the trend. It seems like everyone is writing in a diary, except for Elena, probably because she is off playing sleeping beauty.

I never really shipped Steroline as long as Delena was around. Now that all of my dreams are crushed, Steroline seems to be the next best thing. I like them as friends and I like them as more than friends, either way they have chemistry that can't be denied, even by a Klaroline shipper (guilty!). Stefan suggests a rule that they only be friends, which is broken before the end of the episode.

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So the heretics... where do I begin? First of all, getting hit by a car isn't a very good first impression. Secondly, I wasn't expecting them to be under so much control. Last of all, that selfie. #Nofilter!

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After the incident at the school where the heretics got revenge on the kids that mowed one of them down with a car, Stefan and Caroline begin brainstorming dumb ideas. The best they could come up with was bombing the heretics. Caroline goes over with flowers and her usual peppy disposition and distracts them while Matt plants a bomb in the house. I am not sure how Matt got away with getting into the house, undoing the gas line, and planting the bomb, without getting noticed.

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The Heretics mistake Caroline as a human and compel her to give them her jacket as the time on the bomb is ticking away. At the very last second, Caroline whisks she and Matt away as the bomb blows up. So vampires die if they are blown up, and witches die if they are blown up, so why didn't the heretics die?

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Over in Europe, Bonnie is playing babysitter to Alaric and Damon, who are drinking away their sorrows in Amsterdam (BTW I think I saw the Hazel-Augustus bench in all that b-roll). Anyway, I'm not too sure what Alaric is up to, but I don't like it. If it means that Jo comes back then great, but something is up with him and I prefer him as normal, nice, vampire-hunter, drinking-buddy Alaric.

As well as being a Steroline shipper, I have also jumped on the Bamon train. NOT romantically, just as platonic friends. Damon did save her life, even after hesitating which shows that he really does care, and he called her his BEST FRIEND!! I think that Damon does need a new romantic interest now that Nina has left, however, I also want him to stay true to Elena even while she is in a coma.

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Back in Mystic Falls the heretics decide to get revenge for being blown up while Lily is out of town flirting with Enzo (I don't ship it) about some stone that Alaric has. When she gets back she is disappointed and somehow the residents of Mystic Falls get conned into handing the town over to the heretics. They begin living in the Salvatore house and all the human residents are forced to leave.

Damon arrives back in town just in time to come up the logical idea to take the town back. Stefan says no, "for Damon's sake", and of course Damon isn't going to listen to that and neither is Bonnie. Later she finds one of the heretics and decides to try and kill him. Of course, he is also a witch and can overpower her easily. He begins to take her power when Damon, the hero, rips out his heart, and kills him (1 point for team Bamon!). So, having their hearts ripped out can kill them, but being blown to a million pieces can't?

Remember that rule about just being friends? Well it didn't last long. By the end of the episode Caroline realized that she was ready to take on Steroline and the make out session begins.

The episode closes continuing the flash-forward 3 years. Some lady with guns and crossbows is after the Salvatore Brothers and I have no idea of what is going on.

If you have any idea what is going on let me know in the comment and tell me what you thought of the episode or what you think will happen next!



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