Pretty Little Liars Last Dance Recap & Review

*Spoiler Alert*
Do not read this if you have not seen Season 6 Episode 9 of Pretty Little Liars.

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In my last recap and review, I said the liars would definitely go to prom. I was right. There wouldn't be show if they didn't dress up in pretty dresses and go snooping around somewhere they shouldn't be. After all, it is called Pretty Little Liars...

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First, lets talk fashion. None of them were wearing the generic prom dresses that you would get at Macy's, but none of them are really average girls. Hanna's hair was perfect and her dress was very flattering  but I would not have picked those shoes to wear. Emily's dress was really pretty but I wish they had done something with her hair besides put a crown in it because she's not prom queen. Spencer's dress was more traditional and simple, but very flattering on her, I just wish they had done more with her hair and make-up (and what was with all the rings?). Aria's dress looked like she made it, it was cute and it went with the theme, but not something I would wear to prom. But of course, they were all looking fabulous either way.

About the Old Little Liars...

They finally feel the wrath of A! I can't remember the last time that all the moms were together in one room. Their first mistake was drinking all that wine, and their second mistake was assuming that their children would actually stay in the barn and have their pretend prom. Although, the young liars could learn a few things:

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There were some awkward moments between the moms, but Mrs. Hasting's outburst was by far the funniest thing in the whole episode. After they are in the DiLaurentis household, Rhys walks in, right on cue, and they have the suspicion that he is Charles. Which means that he can't be, right? This episode may have been a little creepy (nothing a long-time pll fan can't handle, right?), but the "drunk mothers on a mission" thing had me laughing out loud. This gif sums it up pretty well in my opinion...

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Ally has been disappointing me lately. I thought there was hope for her and then the whole Lorenzo indecent (which he is such a gentleman for coming to prom to forgive her) happened, then she started feeling sorry for Charles just because he is her brother, and then she snuck off to prom and insulted Spencer, who was just trying to help.

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Caleb had me feeling all kinds of things during this episode. I got mad at him at first because I thought he had abandoned Hanna before prom, but instead he was doing something cute for Hanna, which totally won be back as a strong supporter of Haleb. I new Caleb would pull through!  On the other hand, I would have never guessed Clark was an undercover cop. That one really threw me and the liars off.

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Well next week is the summer finale we have all been waiting for. Will A finally be unmasked?!

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