Paper Towns Movie Review

*Spoiler Alert*

Once again, a movie adaptation of a best-selling John Green novel, conquers the big screen. No surprise, of course. What makes these movies so popular? Maybe it's the relatable characters, or the witty dialogue? Either way, this movie was marvelous on almost every level. The "almost" is for the little things that got under my skin during the course of the movie. The little details that were left out, some of them for the greater good of the ending, did affect my overall assessment. Even with some technicalities omitted, this film scored big-time in the audio department. If you haven't listened to the Paper Towns soundtrack already, keeping reading, and then go fill your head with the sounds euphoric liberation. They did an amazing job with casting. Nat Wolff, perfectly portrayed Quentin, by using his nerdy good looks and great acting skills. He made us laugh and cry in both The Fault In Our Stars, and Paper Towns. Cara Delevigne was the perfect Margo because she is naturally beautiful, mysterious, and quirky. This movie was a good way to flourish her skills and portray her as something more than just a pretty face. With all elements included, I would give Paper Towns a 75%.

The movie opens up with Q's monologue about miracles, and his memories of Margo Roth Spiegelman. Swingin' Party by Kindness plays and creates a beautifully nostalgic mirage of young love.

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Life goes on and Q and Margo have drifted apart, living their stereotypical teenage lives. They have kept the expected John Green dialogue and I am hooked. They have filled this movie with jocular band jokes, which I find particularly appropriate (being a former band student myself). As cracked up as I was at that point, nothing made more happy than to see they had not cut the black santas.

As expected, Margo knocks on Q's window and they begin their grand adventure. First stop, they go to Jase's house and snap a naked picture of him as he tries to make a getaway from Becca's House (yes, it is as hilarious as it sounds). They get their revenge on Lacey and Chuck, executing pranks normal high school insurgents only dream about getting away with.

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They go to the Suntrust building, and talk about Margo's unorthodox ideas for a future. No white-pickett fence, no set amount of children, no perfect planned wedding. She talks about how everything's uglier up close, which Q replies, "Not you" - a representative John Green exchange of words. They dance to a muffled song playing in the empty bank and you almost think that Margo might be into Q. It was a beautiful moment.

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My favorite part of the whole is movie when Margo and Q leave the Suntrust Building and drive down the streets of Orlando with the windows open and Son Lux's "Lost It To Trying" is playing. The combination of the song and the wind blowing in Cara's hair gave the aura of freedom.

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After that wonderful moment, disappointment struck. THEY DID NOT BREAK INTO SEAWORLD! For some reason I was extremely upset that the producers did not add this. I really enjoyed that scene, probrably due to the fact I have been to Sea World before.

After a while the movie drags on, Margo goes missing and Q runs around looking for clues to find her. The movie didn't drag along as much as the book so I was relieved they shortened the time frame a little (which should have made room for a Sea World scene).

Finally Q and his squad, which includes Ben, Radar, Lacey, and Angela realize Margo is in Agloe, NY, and set off to find her before prom night. This section was of filled with hilarious moments and typical teenage banter. My second favorite part comes when they stop at a gas station to go to the bathroom and grab refreshments. Ansel Elgort's cameo was not only unexpected, but totally worthwhile. "Do you like dragons," he asks Lacey, while flashing his dragon tattoo, compelling the entire theater into a fit of laughter. I kind of wished the road trip had lasted a little longer in the movie. I was really enjoying it!

This is where everything runs off the book course. Some of the changes where for the better, like getting to see everyone at prom, Margo not yelling at Lacey, and Q and Margo getting to be alone in Agloe. However, even though the ending of the book wasn't my favorite I would rather that the movie had copied it.

Everyone in the squad leaves Q, and he goes on a continued search for Margo. When he finds her, it gets heartbreaking. She tells him all of the clues she left were to tell him that she is alright, they were not there for him to follow. I never really liked her attitude at this point in the book, but it was softened up more in the movie. Turns out, Margo was never into Q, but invites him to stay and go on her "live in the now" journey. Sadly, he still has normal high school duties like homework, and graduating to attend to. They part ways and Q makes it back just in time for prom.

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It was a good movie whether you read the book or not, and it had a message you could walk away with. It was definitely worth my time. Tell me what you thought about this movie and go listen to the soundtrack!



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