Walking Dead Roadtrip - Day 1

Day 1

After a long drive into Atlanta and a good nights sleep, it was time for the fun to begin! My mom and I planned to start the day with a Big Zombie Tour by Atlanta Movie Tours. Our tour guide was good and had previously worked as a zombie for the show. 

Our first stop played a part in many episodes of season 1, including the rooftop sequences and Rick's ride into the city. It was also used in Divergent.

We hopped onto the official Atlanta Movie Tours bus, which would escort us around the city to take a peek at a few more locations. Included were:


The Goat Farm - Now an Arts Center, this area is the perfect filming location for movies like Cathching Fire, and of course the Walking Dead. I suggest you check it out even if you don't watch the Walking Dead because the photo ops are amazing. (There are more pics on my instagram)

The Hospital

The Highway - The iconic scene where Rick rides into Atlanta
(That's my zombie finger puppet, Hershel, in the foreground)
Yes, they used ALOT of CG here!

We visited many different locations from the Walking Dead, I only included my favorites! If you want to see more, you will just have to go on the tour! Trust me, it's worth it! Here are group pictures courtesy of the tour:

TBZT1- March 19, 2016- photo1
TBZT1- March 19, 2016- photo2

The tour didn't cover EVERY Walking Dead location in Atlanta, (you can find all locations on this map), but Atlanta traffic is a nightmare, so we decided to head to our next location: Senoia, GA (aka Woodbury)!

We ate a delicious lunch at the Walking Dead Cafe, and enjoyed looking around the museum (aka Woodbury Shoppe).

Alexandria and Woodbury are neighbors. Literally! Standing on the train tracks, if you look one way you can see Alexandria and in the other direction you can see Woodbury! Sadly, there is no filming taking place this time of year, however security around the Alexandrian walls is super crazy these were the closest shots I could get:

We had lots of time before check-in at our B&B, so we went and explored. We found the "Pudding" House, and we even found Rick!

(JK! That is not Rick, but it is a cool dude that looks just like him from The Georgia Mercantile Tours!)

We concluded the day with a stay at the beautiful and historic Veranda, a Bed & Breakfast right in the middle of Senoia.

The trip was on a roll so far and we were not even close to done! If you want to read more click here! 

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