Walking Dead Roadtrip - Day 2

Day 2

If you missed the adventures of Day 1, Click Here! If not, you already know that I am currently in the town of Senoia, GA (aka Woodbury). My mom and I have a lot planned, and started our morning with a delicious breakfast courtesy of the Veranda Bed and Breakfast.

We had a tour at 2:30pm, giving us tons of free time to do some location "scouting" on our own (We actually just used this awesome map). We went to the town of Grantville, where they shot the "Clear" episode starring Morgan.

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“You know me!” As shows come and go, we must remember that many of these fictional experiences take place in real locations. The beautiful small town of Grantville, Georgia was the filming spot of a prominent Walking Dead episode in Season 3 when Rick reunited with a character he met in Season 1, Morgan.

The mayor of this small town conducts the tour, which explores the filming locations of the episode, “Clear.” You may recognize the wall that you can still witness in the intro that reads, “Away with You.”

The 45 minute  tour is usually held at 6pm on Saturdays which includes a refresher showing of “Clear” at 5pm. A matinee showing and tour is available during Sunday afternoon. From Morgan’s apartment to the brick structures, a Walking Dead fan can certainly find solace in this isolated survivor’s refuge.
The tour costs $10 per adult, $5 for kids 5-10. Private tours can be scheduled and are $15 a person with a $30 minimum.
The Grantville Walking Dead Tour is located at 16 Main St., Grantville, GA 30220
For more info, check out their Facebook!
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We also visited the location of Steve's Pharmacy and Hershel's Bar:

Our finger puppets, Hershel (left) and Lori (right) were "dying", (pun intended) for coffee. So we headed back to the Walking Dead Cafe for some Beth Lattes.

It was finally time for the Big Zombie Tour 2,  and let me tell you it was soooo worth the money. If you are reading: ATL Movie Tours - Great job! Our tour guide, Michael Jaegers, who has been a Walker tons of times was super knowledgeable and had a bunch of cool inside details on the show! I had so much fun and the best part was that the guides had special keys to get us into secret locations. To find out what they are, you'll just have to go on the tour yourself! Here are some of my favorite locations that we visited:

The Arena

The Mill - Recognizable from the opening credits

The Mill - Where Daryl kills Merle

I also won a really cool zombie hunting permit window decal during a game of trivia on the bus, which can be purchased at the Woodbury Shoppe in Senoia, along with other cool merchandise!

We also got a shot of crook road, which has appeared in many episodes:

(Top two are mine, bottom two are Netflix screenshots)

I would totally recommend taking the tour next time you are in Georgia, it is worth the time and money! It is also a great way to end the day!

TBZT2- March 20, 2016- photo1
TBZT2- March 20, 2016- photo2

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