Are you ready for Negan?

Here's the rundown on how I think #TWD is going to go down in tonight's finale (SPOILERS AHEAD):

Theory 1: Glenn meets Lucille (And it's not going to be pretty).
If you don't know who Lucille is, reference the picture above, she's the one slung over Negan's shoulder. I hope this won't actually happen because Glenn is my favorite character, however this event did occur in the comics and the writers have been following the comics pretty close lately. I also don't think it will happen because people will be assuming that Lucille's target is Glenn, and the writers are great at giving the story a twist and keeping the suspense.

Theory 2: Daryl Dies
Before you start to argue, I don't think that Daryl was killed on last weeks episode. I think Dwight only shot him in the shoulder and the writers will trick us into a false hope that Daryl is alive only to have him offed by Negan later in the 90 minute episode. It would make sense for Norman Reedus to be leaving the show, as he is pursuing bigger and better things, like his new motorcycle show. Another important thing to consider is that Norman Reedus is going to be on the Talking Dead after the finale, which means out of everyone, he has a higher chance of dying. It was also rumored that Emily Kinney, who plays Beth, was on set for the filming of the finale, which makes me suspect that Daryl may be having some kind of flashback/hallucination, which is not a good sign for his fate. That leads me to my next theory...

Theory 3: Maggie feels Negan's Rath
Maggie also has ties to Emily Kinney's character, leading me to believe that she could have a possibility for death as well, and based on last weeks episode where she may have lost the baby, this leaves room for a less controversial death. 

Theory 4: The Worst Scenario of all
No one dies. Well, someone does but we don't know who. Negan may just swing that bat and end the episode right there. Make us wait a painful amount of time before we find out who got their ticket punched. That would be the worst outcome of all.

I am NOT ready for Negan, are you?

What do you think the outcome of tonight's #TWD will be?

If you have a theory about tonight, share it because I would love to know!

These were my personal opinions based on information and inside details from different sources from all over the web.



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